Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs

An art therapy program to provide burnout relief among professionals in social activism and caregiving fields.
This is offered thru 3 hour to 3 day workshops in art therapies that promote self-care and prevent compassion fatigue, which commonly effects social activists and caregiving professionals from grassroots groups to non-profit organizations and large companies.

Using three main modalities including art therapy, visual arts to assess and process challenges; mindfulness or meditation to hold these challenges at a healthy distance in order to develop sustainable solutions; and yoga + qi gong to promote body-mind awareness that will foster a safe space and caring attitude between team members.


Mind the GAPS

I will use a model I call GAPS:
G ~ what are the Gaping holes in your team? (current issues)
A ~ how do we collaboratively Assess these gaps? (step back and look at the problems)
P ~ let’s patiently provide feedback on potential solutions (be open to Possibilities- what is your
capacity or capabilities at this point?)
S ~ Safely administer a plan to help your team meet their goals in healthy positive ways for a
Sustainable future


Benefits of Integrated Healing Arts

  • Define team goals

  • Restore creative work culture

  • Refine healthy communication skills

  • Identify simple self-care activities

  • Increase team productivity


Set up a Consult

To see if your organization would be a good fit for my program please contact: